Helpful Tips To Keep The Dance Floor Packed At Your Reception


An empty dance floor at a wedding reception can be a nightmare for any bride or groom. In fact, it's one of the reasons why approximately 78% of brides say they should have spent more of their wedding planning time selecting the right entertainment.

A wedding's entertainment is considered one of the most memorable parts of the reception, which means there's a lot riding on the music or DJ you choose. Consider the following tips to help ensure your dance floor remains packed all night long.

Set the mood early on at cocktail hour
The cocktail hour is the time between your wedding ceremony and the reception where guests get to enjoy a nice drink and interact with friends and family. It's also the best time to help set the tone for your reception.

A silent cocktail hour can be a bit dull and may leave your guests feeling awkward once reception time comes. That being said, set the mood with some music early on. Easy-going music or something upbeat and soft can be just what your guests need to get ready for the reception.

Don't rely on a playlist
You may think a wedding playlist is a great idea during the planning stage. However, there's a reason why a DJ service is one of the most popular entertainment choices.

Unlike your iPod, your DJ entertainment can sense the vibe of the crowd. They can pick and choose through the songs you've selected in your custom DJ package to either amp up the crowd or take it down a little. For instance, your playlist may not be able to sense when the crowd is getting tired and needs a slow song, but your NJ DJ service can.

Seat dance lovers closest to the dance floor
People are inherently social creatures, which means they'll be more likely to dance when they see other people dancing. Consider aligning your reception seating chart to sit those you know who love to dance closest to the dance floor.

Not only does this ensure someone will be on the dance floor at every part of the night, but it also gives those guests who don't want to dance enough distance to be able to hear one another.

A professional DJ service can be just what you need to keep the dance floor at your reception as packed as possible. A professional NJ DJ company has a good sense of the crowd and will be able to boost the momentum of the music should the excitement dip in the slightest. For more information or to book a DJ, contact Blanc Noir today.