Bands Vs DJs: What Entertainment Should You Have at Your Wedding?

Every year, up to 2.4 million weddings take place across the country. And up to 78% of the brides involved in these weddings report wishing they'd taken more time to select their entertainment.

This is often because a wedding reception can last up to four hours after the initial wedding ceremony. Therefore, it makes sense to want to put the right amount of time aside to determine what type of musical entertainment is best for your wedding. But should you hire a band or a NJ DJ company?

Things to consider before choosing your entertainment

Whether or not you already have a NJ DJ service in mind, such as Blanc Noir Event Group, or you're considering hiring your younger cousin's indie-freak-folk band, it's essential that you examine certain factors of your wedding. The wedding itself can influence your choice of entertainment. Consider the following factors prior to choosing a wedding band or DJ company for the reception:


Your wedding theme. If your wedding has a particular theme, you may want to consider musical entertainment that fits into that theme. For instance, a DJ company may be better suited to a modern wedding or if you're compromising with a traditional ceremony. A band may be better suited to a wedding with a Rock and Roll theme or a masquerade ball.

Your wedding budget. When it comes to wedding entertainment, NJ wedding DJ cost is typically lower than that of a wedding band. This is because a band's price is typically based on the number of people in the band itself, how long the band will be playing for, and the season your wedding is planned for.

The amount of space you have available. If you've already chosen the location for your reception, you'll want to be sure you can use large speakers in the space or that the space itself is large enough for a band or DJ.

Compare the pros and cons

After you've examined your wedding's theme, budget, and space, it's a good idea to compare the pros and cons of hiring either a band or DJ entertainment. A band is great for traditional weddings and it's always nice to have live music. However, bands can be expensive and there's only so much music they can play.

A custom DJ package has a wide variety of music types they can play at your wedding, which makes them great for any theme. A party DJ is also significantly cheaper than a band. However, a wedding can sometimes be stuck with a DJ with a bad personality if you don't take the time to interview them first.

Ultimately, hiring a DJ to play at your wedding is a popular choice and for good reason. For more information on custom DJ packages for your wedding that will get your guests in the groove, contact Blanc Noir Event Group today.