There are Disc Jockeys… and there is Fernando Serrano. A passionate and savvy DJ with nearly 10 years of experience in the private and nightclub industries. Fernando has rocked dance floors from Ecuador to The Hamptons. 

Fernando’s passion for music comes from an early age, sharing late evenings with his father as he played vinyl records in his native Ecuador. Those late nights combined with the music played throughout the family’s business complex gave Fernando the musical inclination he still enjoys today.

His desire to become a DJ came about from listening to the local dance stations late nights, recording live sets from jocks such as Junior Vasquez, Denny Tsettos, DJ Skribble to name a few. His chance to become a Disc Jockey came right after high school where he began working for one of the leading DJ companies in Northern NJ. During his tenure, he learned the ins and outs of the mobile DJ industry, and where he honed his skills as an entertaining DJ and MC while obtaining his honors B.A. from Montclair State University.

Since 2007, Fernando has performed at over 350 events (over 100 weddings) where he has served celebrity clients such as the Real Housewives of NJ, members of the NY Giants and NJ Devils amongst others. In addition, corporate clients such as H&M, Guess? Jeans, and Condé Nast have relied on Fernando’s event production skills and DJ talent to help them launch new products and hold massive Fashion Week events in New York City.

Fernando’s charisma and skills have made him a much sought after entertainer in the wedding industry. His impeccable mixing skills, ability to transcend genres, and his never-ending energy allows him to create an unforgettable DJ experience for any event. Contact him today for availability at fernando@bneventgroup.com